Vacation 俳句

alpine oasis

scheduled haiku thanks WordPress

nothing rhymes with Banff


A week or so off, away from most digital, scheduled some fun ones!


9 thoughts on “Vacation 俳句

      1. Oh and I am SOOO embarrassed! I once worked in a ski town …. except my skiing/shushing was typically described as of the … crash and burn technique! No squirrels were harmed…only mildly bruised and shamed!

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      2. Rotflombo!!!!!!! 😆😂

        No worries…. I learned it by watching an 80s sitcom for good griefs sake. 😉
        I’ve never been skiing, shushing, falling, crashing, or burning. 😦
        You know on second thought I think that’s okay with me. 🤔😅


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