Year 俳句

solar haiku sprint

sunrise muse five seven five

digital brushstrokes

🙏    ⁂     ⁜     ⁂     ⁜     ⁂     🙏     ⁂     ⁜     ⁂     ⁜     ⁂    🙏

Just a brief comment……

Today marks one year that I have posted a daily Haiku! FAR tougher than I thought ….. and FAR MORE satisfying, as well!

wp-one-year-anniversaryMy first haiku here at Penumbra Haiku was Autumn. I am trying to be a little better … and a little different, every day!

🙏 Thank you all for reading my short digital brushstrokes! 🙏

Click Dragon for Random ‘Penumbra Haiku’

….. and be careful …..

……. there be sleeping dragons …….

….. here …..


7 thoughts on “Year 俳句

  1. Well done, and those I have read are all truly remarkable. I never made the connection before and I nearly forwarded you the link to a blog where I took up the challenge of doing just that. I am on at 13 or something. lol So I guess you already did it! Well done.

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