Portrait 俳句

charcoaled heart trails soot

diamond carves clouds in spilled flour

graphite archives fade

Click Rose for Random Penumbra Haiku🙏_________________🙏


7 thoughts on “Portrait 俳句

      1. You are always so kind and generous with your words! Thank you! I really just try to surprise myself and see what happens! You might be interested in an older poetry blog of mine…with a few haiku+photographs in it. It has been awhile, but I have played around with other types of poems. Just click ‘here’.


      2. I had an opportunity to explore your other blog and found it very charming.

        I look forward to taking a weekend or whole week and thoroughly go through each poem, writing.
        Lightspeed and your connection with Newton and the red car/apple -awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

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