Van Gogh 俳句

discovered sketchbook

breathtaking artist anew

starry night genius

🙏  ⁂  ⁜  ⁂  ⁜  ⁂  🙏  ⁂  ⁜  ⁂  ⁜  ⁂  🙏

Newly discovered Van Gogh Sketchbook!


Click Starry Night for Random Penumbra Haiku🎨_______________________🎨


6 thoughts on “Van Gogh 俳句

  1. He has always has a special place in my heart (and I am sure I’m not the only one) I have a magnetic finger puppet of him on my fridge (weird) and 2 posters of his in my guest room (rambling now) I fan girl a bit when it comes to him lol

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