Adieu 俳句

digital timeout
dragon’s imagination
pause daily haiku

digital scratches
memoirs of a shy dragon
grateful for my muse

🙏    💓    🌟    🌠    🌃    ☄    ✨    🌌    💖    🌹    🌸    🌺    🏵    🌷    🍷    🍶    💠    🙏

And with this haiku, I bid you all ….. a temporary Adieu.
At least on a daily haiku’ basis!

My first posted ‘Penumbra Haiku‘ was “Autumn” on October 29, 2015. Since then, I have posted a daily haiku, including today! That is 430+ days in a row and a total of 460+posts in all, as I occasionally did more than
one post each day. I am a firm believer in ‘surprising yourself‘ and…..
…….did I ever!

I thought I wouldn’t make it past a week…..then a month……. then a couple of months…..and all of a sudden, it is now January of 2017! I attempted to pick a different word/haiku every day. Okay, I counted plurals as different words! And some haiku challenges matched an earlier word! And on rare occasions, I just had an idea…for a word I had already used! LOL!

So, merely taking a break from ‘daily’ but definitely not from ‘haiku’!
…..nor from poetry…….

I also have another poetry blog – ‘Memoirs of a Dragon’, including haiku!
and a photography blog – ‘Eyes of a Dragon’ as well.
Both returning after a long hiatus for each.

I am very grateful for all Readers and Followers!

                            🙏 🐉 🐲 THANK YOU! 🐲 🐉 🙏


Click Dragon for Memoirs of a Dragon
Click Eye of Dragon for Eyes of a Dragon
Click Shadow Dragon for Penumbra Haiku



20 thoughts on “Adieu 俳句

    1. Thanks! I am only … slowing down a bit! A whole year of holding my breath … and now exhaling! LOL! A Daily Haiku/post has proven to be challenging, thrilling, invigorating, SCARY and extraordinarily satisfying! So in theory, I will share the load of a quasi-daily blog with photos, poems and haiku…scattered throughout WordPress! In …theory! LOL! Good luck with YOUR Daily … I will be reading! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. And I will be continuing…just not on a daily basis! LOVED IT, but .. was a big commitment! And I have about 200 words on my ‘To Do’ list as well…and more all the time! 🙏🌹🍾


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