Nectar 俳句 Hummingbirds in Winter

ice wine connoisseur
winter honey sweet bouquet
starstruck bartender

So amazing yesterday after work – hummingbirds feeding in wintertime! Fairly rare & heavy snowfall ’round here (Victoria!) and while shoveling …. I HEARD A HUMMINGBIRD CHIPPING AND ….. HUMMING!

Click Moonbeam Hummingbird for Random Penumbra Haiku💗🍷___________________________🍷💗


20 thoughts on “Nectar 俳句 Hummingbirds in Winter

    1. Here in Victoria, BC, Canada – it snows, if we are lucky, once or twice a year, for maybe 2 or 3 days. BUT it has been crazy cold here since December AND multiple snowfalls and snowstorms! So our year-round resident hummingbirds … ARE COLD! 🙂 Really was amazing to see and hear this flying jewel midst a freak snowstorm! 🙂 ❄️️ ☃️

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  1. I love hummingbirds so much. They visit me frequently. And it’s so gratifying to feed them over winter! Magical little things. Great videos! Looks like you have a lovely backyard, too.


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