Intersect 俳句

casual stray glance
speed of sight defies physics
sly muse curves moonbeams

Click Intersections for Random Penumbra Haiku🌠_________________________🌠

13 thoughts on “Intersect 俳句

    1. I started writing a daily haiku in October of 2015, right through to January of this year! Then took this January ‘off’ and back now daily! I only started using animations early this year, just to change things up a bit! Challenging, fun and rewarding! Different word each day, with only a few repeats!

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      1. How do you get the word each day? I belong to a few very good haiku groups on Facebook if you’re interested. I am friends with an international winner of haiku from the UK and he and his friends are so good. Animations are wonderful as you know I love them. That is awesome!


      2. I just .. find words…everywhere! LOL! Usually from another post/poet, or in a conversation, or on the radio or paper … anywhere! I also write down a ton of words in a diary – probably about 150 or so, and then pick one of them too! I am probably the only person in the world WITHOUT a Facebook page! LOL!

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      3. Really? Wow! That is something I thought EVERYONE was on Facebook. If you like to write about images drop into my image write on Saturdays. You can get there from CP my site. I actually write about words and images. Vintage words are fun. I can write about anything too, it’s a good talent to have friend.

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