Space 俳句

     moonlit echoes sprint                    starlight sprints throughout
elder sparkles retain youth                 stargazers view universe
   heartbeats share cosmos                        universal blaze

starlight sprints throughout                moonlit echoes sprint
elder sparkles retain youth               stargazers view universe
            universal blaze                          heartbeats share cosmos
🌟  🌠  🌃  ⭐  ✨ 💫  🌌                        🌌 💫 ✨ ⭐ 🌃  🌠 🌟

Probably a bit too cheeky! 2 different Haiku, at top, then I
switched the 2nd phrases! And … it works for me!
Perhaps it just means there is enough ‘Space 俳句‘ to do this ! LOL!

Click Cosmos for Random Penumbra Haiku🌌✨_____________________✨🌌


6 thoughts on “Space 俳句

    1. Hopefully! There should be 4 Haiku, 2 above and 2 below. The ‘original’ 2 (I couldn’t decide!) are beside each other. Then I exchanged the middle (7) phrase with each other, and … new Haiku appeared, but with the same theme and feeling! I used different colours to hilite the exchange of the (7) phrase! Might not actually look great on a small device, but should look okay on a regular monitor! Thanks! 😊


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