Extremes 俳句

resting dragon heart
betwixt magic and motion
ancient pebble floats

Click Magic and Motion for a Random Penumbra HaikuThey are both there! Not a great photographer!

I am very grateful to live on an island off the west coast of Canada. I always try to take a bike ride after work and meditate along a section of shore to let the day go. Today, I was struck with what I saw – to my left, an ACTIVE volcano (
Koma Kulshan) and to the right, in the bright blue sky, the waxing moon rising in daylight! It took my breath away! Hence,
….. the resting dragon heart in a volcano …..
……. the ancient floating pebble in the sky ……
….. Those are the ‘Extremes‘ part of this haiku …..
… the magic and motion are left to your imagination …
….. And the resting dragon, her name is …….
Seraphina …..
… and there is even a lighthouse offshore too …

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Magic and Motion
Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion


16 thoughts on “Extremes 俳句

  1. One thing i have never been good at since my childhood is illation. Although i suppose i can break “magic and motion” down but i’m a little confused here. Is that the dragon’s heart that is betwixt magic and motion or the pebble?

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    1. Great question! So, I am on a park bench, overlooking the local beach. The ‘dragon’ is the active volcano (Mt. Baker) to my left. It is active because it has erupted in the last 300 years. To my right, in the clear, blue afternoon sky, is the ancient floating pebble (the rising moon!). The ‘motion’ refers to … Physics (the science of motion) and how the pebble (the moon!) stays in orbit. I am referring to myself, as ‘I’ am literally sitting betwixt .. magic (to my left) and motion (to my right)! I like your idea of having a Dragon’s Heart though! That just might also be true! There is a hidden Easter Egg within this haiku too!

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      1. Yeah, i got that the dragon was a volcano and the moon was the pebble. The name you gave to the dragon “Seraphina” (i guess) also cleared it up for me since Seraphina means fire or something. I thought the magic was the volcano and the motion was the water body in the photograph. But your thought is miles better. I’m very thankful that you cleared it up for me personally regardless that you have so many followers and paying attention to each is very tough. I will tell you later whether i could find the “easter egg” or not.


      2. The beauty of poetry is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean! Your interpretation and imagination are MORE valid than my own! I am thrilled if anyone finds a personal interpretation within any of my words, that strikes a chord within them! Thank YOU! (Oh, and you DID find the Easter Egg …. … Seraphina!)

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      3. Well, that is quite amusing that i figured out the easter egg without even realising that i did it. 😂😂 But thanks for the appreciation. And i strongly agree with your first sentence. In fact, having your own personal interpretation makes the poem really memorable. Thanks for making me realise the beauty of Haikus.

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