Unconditional 俳句

smallest heartbeats purr
outright trust infinite love
strength beyond spirit

Click Infinite Small Heartbeats for a Random Penumbra Haiku🌹❤️        🐾  🐈        ❤️🌹
💗 Be Kind 🌎 Be Safe 💓 Be Calm 🌏 Be Patient 💗



2 thoughts on “Unconditional 俳句

    1. 🙏 Thank you! And to be honest … I am never certain if the image sparks my imagination or … the other way around! I find my images at Pinterest and more often than not, I have written a haiku that literally a few minutes earlier, I had no idea where it would be going, or what image. My imagination just .. runs wild and loose I guess! ✨


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