Intersection 俳句

whilst hearts traverse beats
starlight merges destinies
muse avoids random

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Choices 俳句

withheld heartbeats stir
elder starlight chases youth
paused regrets vanish

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Arcane 俳句

rose nods with starlight
breathless heartbeat awaits dawn
patient starlight sighs

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Waltz 俳句

raw finite heartbeats
cinema ‘tween dusk and dawn
auroras partner

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Tame 俳句

ripe dawn soothes iced dew
crimson sighs ‘neath silken moon
scarlet rose calms thorns

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Hopeless 俳句

confides with novae
rose whispers ‘neath crimson moon
breathless heartbeats wait

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Limn 俳句

feathered papyrus
runes carved upon diamond skin
heartbeats last refuge

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Sunder 俳句

riven heartbeats stilled
unseen dew seeks scarlet rose
endangered stars beam

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Dull 俳句

moonlit hearts crave edge
unsharpened heartbeats carve tears
scattered whispers grieve

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Swaying 俳句

breeze nestles ‘mongst clouds
shy heartbeats direct starlight
pure dew soothes late dawn

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