Howl 俳句

wolf moon shadows howl
moonlight tames feral heartbeats
fearless thorns guard rose

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Break 俳句

midnight beachfront strolls
mirror reflects distant stars
shy intermission

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Time for a short break from daily haiku here at Penumbra Haiku! I will be a skipping stone, heading for the horizon and taking a breather for a short time. Always reading, always writing ….. though, sometimes just for myself, and sometimes ….. for somewhere ….. else!

And I love this quote from Leonard Cohen:
“Going nowhere. . . isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.”

Halloween Candy 俳句

Dentists WORST nightmare!
Jacks and Jills and Pumpkin Thrills!
Happy Halloween!


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Quantum 俳句

measured forevers
remnants of infinity
cosmic time dark wait

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Comprehend 俳句

elder novae glow
rose scented shadows ‘neath moon
virgin light trembles

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Misguided 俳句

heart safe within fog
starlit rose avoids moonbeams
tears defend heartbeats

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Reality 俳句

cloud shaped echoes blend
driftwood nears mountain summit
firm steely murmurs

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