Awake 俳句

beach froth new morn dawns
hummingbird seeks caffeine rush
rose sheds moonlit dew

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Moonward 俳句

orchids stretch skyward
eclipse shades lunar heartbeat
red shadows cast net

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Tonight is not only a Full (‘Snow‘) Moon but also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse .. AND a Comet! Click HERE to find out more!

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Disguise 俳句

symphony of loss
wraith casts shadows ‘midst eclipse
frozen crimson lips

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Effort 俳句

echoing karma
restless time and tide fracture
muse composes zeal

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Nectar 俳句 Hummingbirds in Winter

ice wine connoisseur
winter honey sweet bouquet
starstruck bartender

So amazing yesterday after work – hummingbirds feeding in wintertime! Fairly rare & heavy snowfall ’round here (Victoria!) and while shoveling …. I HEARD A HUMMINGBIRD CHIPPING AND ….. HUMMING!

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Effortless 俳句

moonshadow crystals
icebound diamonds glaze driftwood
adieu daybreak frost

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Lone 俳句

solitary thrum
sole heartbeat pierces silence
one beat one echo

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