Shattered 俳句

moon shadows near dawn
frozen echoes ‘neath eclipse
unrecalled heartbeats

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Underneath 俳句

eclipse protects rose
shared echoes trace coy footsteps
muse guards shy heartbeats

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Remnant 俳句

stars becloud eclipse
echoed heartbeats wield compass
risqué muse craves dark

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Penumbral Eclipse 俳句

faint shadow shy muse
partial heartbeats seek rhythm
elusive dusk thrills

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Tomorrow night, January 10, 2020, there will be a Penumbral Eclipse! My kind of eclipse!  A great article explaining this kind of eclipse is here.  I love the subtlety and imagination of this eclipse, and also of Haiku, which is one of the reasons why I chose the name “Penumbra Haiku” . And I consider ALL of you to be “very observant people” otherwise, you would not enjoy Haiku!

Thank you all for reading my short digital scratchings!

Wondrous 俳句

mist on scarlet lips
moonlit echoes ‘neath satin
eclipse shares starlight

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Fresh 俳句

raindrops ‘neath eclipse
midnight satin caresses
morning dew first sigh

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Weathered 俳句

moonbeams polish fog
coy muse sighs ‘neath ancient light
rose confronts eclipse

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Reveal 俳句

midnight eclipse ebbs
auroral sky vowed heartbeats
canvas of novae

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Feint 俳句

comet bluffs sunrise
heartbeats pivot ‘midst eclipse
rose dodges lightning

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Gone 俳句

shade ‘neath charcoal rose
reflected moonbeams ‘midst fog
weight of blackened light

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