Detail 俳句

last rose petal slips
echoes lash midnight eclipse
first sigh ‘neath satin

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Elude 俳句

myriad stars sigh
shy pulses escape novae
adrift in coy eyes

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Heed 俳句

moonlit runes flush dew
shy rose beckons attention
curious fog roils

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Dwell 俳句

moonbeam tides linger
wary driftwood hesitates
healing tidal swell

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Evermore 俳句

burden of shy chance
heartbeats await coy pauses
rose approves moonbeams

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Vanished 俳句

virgin starbeams sprint
night’s shroud strewn with rampant light
replaced with morn’s breath

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Authentic 俳句

certainty ‘tween hearts
unspoken silence ‘midst tides
roses share moonbeams

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