Withdraw 俳句

legacy starburst
moonbeams honour morning dew
penultimate sighs

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Ablaze 俳句

onyx stained twilight
comets inscribe nightide shores
chorus of novae

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Strum 俳句

caress rouged heartstrings
vibrato roses shiver
a cappella hearts

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Ponder 俳句

pristine moonlit rose
youthful comets dwell ‘midst stars
patient muse decides

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Briefest 俳句

heart ….. then ….. beat ….. then ….. heart
fractions      of      infinity
beat ….. then ….. heart ….. then ….. beat

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Close 俳句

nearer than promised
not far away    heart from beat
further     than starlight

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Musing 俳句

moonlit driftwood waves
mirrored harmonies unite
polished starlight streams

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