Extremes 俳句

resting dragon heart
betwixt magic and motion
ancient pebble floats

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I am very grateful to live on an island off the west coast of Canada. I always try to take a bike ride after work and meditate along a section of shore to let the day go. Today, I was struck with what I saw – to my left, an ACTIVE volcano (
Koma Kulshan) and to the right, in the bright blue sky, the waxing moon rising in daylight! It took my breath away! Hence,
….. the resting dragon heart in a volcano …..
……. the ancient floating pebble in the sky ……
….. Those are the ‘Extremes‘ part of this haiku …..
… the magic and motion are left to your imagination …
….. And the resting dragon, her name is …….
Seraphina …..
… and there is even a lighthouse offshore too …

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Magic and Motion
Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion


Misguided 俳句

heart safe within fog
starlit rose avoids moonbeams
tears defend heartbeats

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Reality 俳句

cloud shaped echoes blend
driftwood nears mountain summit
firm steely murmurs

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Serene 俳句

untamed heartbeats pause
unnoticed mist shields driftwood
unseen orchids bloom

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Salish Sea” – Chris Paul
Turkey Head, near Oak Bay Marina

Raw 俳句

unsorted dawn breaks
clouds respect morning thunder
silent scarred driftwood

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Comparison 俳句

moonlit rose dew cools
midnight ablaze with novae
sunlit rose dew warms

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Unfolding 俳句

nightly reign of stars
comets dash on borrowed time
frantic seastars whirl

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Drift 俳句

ink stains sway wordsmith
comet’s path tattoos driftwood
time recycles tides

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Perceive 俳句

endless shy patience
perfumed coy infinity
bold midnight rose blooms

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Compose 俳句

quill directs coy ink
driftwood papyrus shy scribe
tides escape inkwell

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