And 俳句

fog dew rose smiles luck
love moon tides time fun dawn souls
muse stars hearts runes shy

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Scrawl 俳句

shadows etched from light
canvas maneuvers starlight
tattooed clouds endure

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Haven 俳句

honed rose thorns endure
luscious fragrance echoes stars
muse assures karma

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Intrude 俳句

veil of thunderclouds
wild novae seek audience
lightning adjusts aim

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Next 俳句

adjacent roses
starlit petals blend fragrance
timid moonbeams surge

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Anticipate 俳句

centurion thorns
crimson blades lush promises
petals flare ‘tween breaths

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Saunter 俳句

ancient light arrives
pedestrian starlight waits
moonlit beach stirs hearts

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