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Quotes about ….. Haiku 俳句
MORE Quotes about ….. Haiku 俳句

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Haiku is an art that seems dedicated to making people pay attention to the preciousness and particularity of every moment of existence. I think that poetry can do that.
– Robert Hass –

Haiku were not written to be weighed down with commentary.
(Buson, p. 103)
― Harold G. Henderson, An Introduction to Haiku –

Real poetry, is to lead a beautiful life.
To live poetry is better than to write it.
– Basho –

What I’m trying to do is to tell young people that I teach them how to breathe before I teach the haiku. That one breath, that one breath, because the haiku keeps you alive. It keeps you going. If you learn how to breath the haiku, you learn how to breathe. If you learn how to breathe, you’re much healthier.
– Sonia Sanchez –

This is a haiku
Haiku’s don’t have to make sense

Remember technology does not make good work. You can still write a poem on a brown paper bag, and haiku is just as profound as the pyramids.
– James Turrell –

Good haiku are full of overtones. The elusiveness that is one of their chief charms comes, not from haziness, but from the fact that so much suggestion is put into so few words.
(Characteristics of Haiku, p. 4)
– Harold G. Henderson, An Introduction to Haiku –

A haiku is not a poem, it is not literature; it is a hand beckoning, a door half-opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way of returning to nature, to our moon nature, our cherry blossom nature, our falling leaf nature, in short, to our Buddha nature.
– R. H. Blyth, Haiku –

You’ve got to be kid-
Well, crud, what just happened there?
I ran out of syl-
– Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle –

The similarity between Van Gogh, Haiku poetry, and good photography is the concern for mortality. That things are very fleeting, that there are people who are more sensitive to death than others. The threat of time is of great concern to them. And the camera is a very appropriate instrument for many.
– Dennis Stock –

The Hulk is like a haiku; you’ve got to find just the right words. I think, and I hope, we did that with The Avengers.
– Joss Whedon –

I mean just look at haiku, the idea of it. We want to focus on that singularity, on that simplicity, but we still want to add features and add value, but we want to do it in a way that fits in with that mentality of simplicity. You have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.
– Bi Stone –

Every time I try to disown that concept for myself, which is a really healthy perspective, they bring it back all the time. Its so serious and so real and so tangible that you don’t want to taint it with anything other than the thing itself. I was tickled pink with my very zen self, walking around saying that I made a record because I wanted to make a record. That’s so beautiful. Its like a haiku poem. That takes away all the tension and the expectation. I just want to try to do something interesting.
– Gavin Rossdale –

It is not merely the brevity by which the haiku isolates a particular group of phenomena from all the rest; nor its suggestiveness, through which it reveals a whole world of experience. It is not only in its remarkable use of the season word, by which it gives us a feeling of a quarter of the year; nor its faint all-pervading humour. Its peculiar quality is its self-effacing, self-annihilative nature, by which it enables us, more than any other form of literature, to grasp the thing-in-itself.
– Reginald Horace Blyth –

What is the beauty of the haiku is that it is not simplistic. The beauty of the haiku I just said is very complex. It reaches all the complexities of our life on this Earth. Peace – that’s a very complex idea, peace, so we can’t get it as human beings.
– Sonia Sanchez –

A haiku is the expression of a temporary enlightenment, in which we see into the life of things.
– Reginald Horace Blyth –

“Maybe that’s a haiku, maybe not, it might be a little too complicated,” said Japhy. “A real haiku’s gotta be as simple as porridge and yet make you see the real thing, like the greatest haiku of them all probably is the one that goes:”
        The sparrow hops along the veranda, with wet feet.
                by Shiki
“You see the wet footprints like a vision in your mind and yet in those few words you also see all the rain that’s been falling that day and almost smell the wet pine needles.”
(The Dharma Bums, Chap. 8)
– Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums –

In the end, without skill or talent, I’ve given myself over entirely to poetry. Po Chu-i labored at it until he nearly burst. Tu Fu starved rather than abandon it. Neither my intelligence nor my writing is comparable to such men. Nevertheless, in the end, we ALL live in phantom huts.
– Matsuo Bash –


Click each link below to see my earlier posts which have all different ….. Quotes About ….. Haiku 俳句 !

Quotes ….. about Haiku 俳句
MORE Quotes about ….. Haiku 俳句