Illusory 俳句

white diamond carves snow
ebony comet chars sol
false wraith onyx heart

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Mystify 俳句

magnetic jade clouds
befogged quantum driftwood reign
opposite of dew

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Lighthouse 俳句

prismatic lodestar
solitary heart of fog
beware onyx tides

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Tug 俳句

legacy star bursts
emboldened hearts glance skyward
tidal pull heartlight

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Inhale 俳句

crimson rose bouquet
raw fragrance overwhelms muse
infinity sighs

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Parallel 俳句

alongside muse grins
pure moonbeams cast white shadows
woven starlight struts

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Intersect 俳句

casual stray glance
speed of sight defies physics
sly muse curves moonbeams

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