Ebb 俳句

fog rests on driftwood
midnight foghorn moonbeams sigh
velvet tide passions

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Chance 俳句

diverging paths end
heartbeats without destinies
fey muse weeps ‘neath moon

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Eternity 俳句

’til the last star flares
final sepia sunset
penultimate sigh

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Haste 俳句

anxious dew greets dawn
impetuous heartbeats rush
impatient first blush

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Modest 俳句

diamond ‘neath eclipse
hushed solitude befriends muse
reclusive moonbeams

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Might 俳句

clouds hew mountain pass
swagger of thorns protect rose

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Path 俳句

fog caresses rose
chance encounters between sighs
comets outrun sun

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