Moonlit 俳句

serene muse pens song
cosmic dance floor awaits hearts
dancing moonbeams whirl

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Gravitation 俳句

weight of light rose blooms
neither heat nor time forge stars
attractive physics

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Bold 俳句

shy moonlit rose blooms
pristine shore embraces tide
heartbeats claim starlight

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Betrayal 俳句

razor edged eclipse
moonbeam scythe hews runes on heart
crimson lips depart

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Space 俳句

     moonlit echoes sprint                    starlight sprints throughout
elder sparkles retain youth                 stargazers view universe
   heartbeats share cosmos                        universal blaze

starlight sprints throughout                moonlit echoes sprint
elder sparkles retain youth               stargazers view universe
            universal blaze                          heartbeats share cosmos
🌟  🌠  🌃  ⭐  ✨ 💫  🌌                        🌌 💫 ✨ ⭐ 🌃  🌠 🌟

Probably a bit too cheeky! 2 different Haiku, at top, then I
switched the 2nd phrases! And … it works for me!
Perhaps it just means there is enough ‘Space 俳句‘ to do this ! LOL!

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Hushful 俳句

ecstatic silence
pause ….. then defend shy echoes
captured starlight weeps

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Cautious 俳句

hesitant lightning
coy heartbeats crave shy whispers
tentative thunder

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