Balanced 俳句

novae share roses
ancient lanterns tint cosmos
roses share novae

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Bolster 俳句

muse boosts auroras
moonlit heartbeats race high tide
novae caress rose

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Slowly 俳句

caress ‘neath eclipse
moonlit breeze casts rose fragrance
indulgent muse sighs

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Measure 俳句

caress her lightning
muse calibrates raw thunder
gravity of sighs

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Total 俳句

weight of past echoes
ancient light caresses rose
tincture of karma

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Sighs 俳句

diamond woos starlight
fragrance caresses shy rose
gentle muse aglow

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Fresh 俳句

raindrops ‘neath eclipse
midnight satin caresses
morning dew first sigh

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Soothe 俳句

dew unwraps sunrise
coy muse writes by candlelight
moonbeams caress sighs

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Chambers 俳句

entwined crimson storms
shared echoes merge without fear
scarlet passions freed

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Dims 俳句

blushing starlight fades
comets chase aurora’s veil
echoes ‘tween rose blooms

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