Amative 俳句

fierce red candles bloom
blushing muse moonlit passions
scarlet whispers dream

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🌹 Be kind 🎆 Be safe 🎇 Be Mindful 🌹
❤️  Everyone  ❤️

Reluctant 俳句

wall of onyx tears
impenetrable heartbeats
translucent muse dreams

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💗 Be Kind 🌎 Be Safe 💓 Be Calm 🌏 Be Patient 💗

Plenty 俳句

more starlight ….. than stars
more poetry ……. than poets
more heartbeats ….. than hearts

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Needs 俳句

novae crave heartbeats
timeworn pathways set afire
intense silken fates

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Pen 俳句

virgin inks released
willing papyrus intrigued
inscribed heartbeats dream

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Lull 俳句

dusk becalms echoes
pauses attend shy heartbeats
moonlit crimson dreams

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️


Perhaps 俳句

crimson roses dream
starlight seeks creative muse
novae match heartbeats

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