Trample 俳句

lustrous muse attends
overwhelmed beach glass polished
tide retreats ‘neath stars

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Anymore 俳句

evermore obliged
moonlight blind to own shadow
true heartbeats resound

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Unfold 俳句

dew hastens petals
midnight caress refined pause
heartbeats ‘neath satin

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Gone 俳句

shade ‘neath charcoal rose
reflected moonbeams ‘midst fog
weight of blackened light

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Tipsy 俳句

gravity sips gin
aurora on a bender
glass half full of bright

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Hidden 俳句

muse etches twin paths
novae release shy brilliance
aurora’s night sighs

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Far 俳句

morning dew ‘neath clouds
promises ‘midst thunderstorm
whispers ‘fore heartbeats

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Near 俳句

coy starlit glances
echoes ‘neath silken caress
papyrus soothes quill

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Seeking 俳句

timeworn light nears rose
driftwood prowls untouched shoreline
moonlight bathes silk tide

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Bask 俳句

satin ‘neath moonlight
aurora tends blushing rose
mirrored sighs echo

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