Unsure 俳句

hesitant echoes
tidal stars engage shy muse
handfuls of stardust

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Fuse 俳句

heat lures raw heartbeats
candle hosts wick shared shadows
souls merge midst eclipse

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Restless 俳句

nomadic rainbows
inconstant infinity
capricious muse smiles

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Suspense 俳句

starlight tickles rose
foghorn wakes elder driftwood
sighing muse aroused

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Merge 俳句

fused words on canvas
haiku cloud casts clear shadows
shape shifting poem

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WordArt.com Logo

This is actually pretty cool, for me. Discovered an amazing site, WordArt, that will take words and turn them into .. ART. So I pasted my last five haiku poems, Achieve, Bouquet, Route, Fogbound and Offer and barely tweaking the settings, created the above art! Look for more in future haiku! Love the creativity of WordArt!


Achieve 俳句

premature heartbeat
ambitious thresholds conquered
proud elder starlight

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I am so very proud of my daughter!

Bouquet 俳句

swaying scarlet muse
humble thorns ‘neath rose abyss
fragrant precipice

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Route 俳句

karma paves starlight
aurora heartbeats frolic
moonlit destinies

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Fogbound 俳句

chilling new morn mist
foghorn releases passion
sultry evening fog

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Offer 俳句

heartbeat overture
diamond releases spectrum
words emerge from quill

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