Chamber 俳句

crimson gravities
beating with each forever
four infinities

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Gone 俳句

shade ‘neath charcoal rose
reflected moonbeams ‘midst fog
weight of blackened light

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Tipsy 俳句

gravity sips gin
aurora on a bender
glass half full of bright

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Bask 俳句

satin ‘neath moonlight
aurora tends blushing rose
mirrored sighs echo

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Inspiration 俳句

moonbeams etch canvas
words persuade starlit petals
rose hewed gravity

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Agile 俳句

auroras cavort
gravity flirts with starlight
shyest moonbeams jive

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Unravel 俳句

forever curves sighs
coy infinity pauses
muse sheds final tear

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Bound 俳句

fog dreams of morn’s rose
chambered heartbeats echo tears
diamond baits starlight

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Almost 俳句

tide escorts driftwood
silent echoes fear heartbeats
starlight rests nigh dawn

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Maybe 俳句

words adrift midst dreams
calm digital papyrus
hearts align ‘neath stars

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