Joy 俳句

festive muse guides hearts

rarest synchronicity

unique snowflakes merge

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Trail 俳句

moonbeams carve pathway

heartbeats guide crimson compass

tide reveals beach runes

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Rush 俳句


candlelit muse moonbeams pause

first kiss ‘neath luna

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Safe 俳句

metal encased muse

shared keys for infinity

unlocked destinies

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Celebrate 俳句

red rose stirs chalice

deep sip potent scarlet wine

moonbeam revelries

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Drink 俳句

amaranthine wine

tawny vintage elixir

moonbeams slow near Port

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Row 俳句

energetic strokes

rhythmic patterns no compass

avoid that whirlpool

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Choose 俳句

headstrong or heartbeats

poets choice less travelled words

destination sleeve

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Trick 俳句

why settle for one

scariest night of the year

trick AND treats tonight

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Shift 俳句

solar umbras fade

rainbow offers moonbow hints

starlight shade ‘neath rose

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