Willing 俳句

mirror echoes smile
moonlight shares auroral dance
rose shelters heartbeats

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Open 俳句

virgin rose greets dawn
heartbeats escort shy whispers
novae unleash light

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Until 俳句

dew strokes virgin rose
dark muse traces starry night
shy moonbeam first sigh

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Unless 俳句

darkest nights slow sighs
muse stirs novae to thrill hearts
a need for starlight

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Perchance 俳句

moonbeams share compass
last raindrop wakes virgin rose
novae at midnight

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Sojourn 俳句

distance ‘tween petals
unguarded space ‘midst heartbeats
echoes betwixt stars

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Urgent 俳句

moonlit oath ‘neath stars
horizon whispers to tide
virgin rose awaits

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