Extremes 俳句

resting dragon heart
betwixt magic and motion
ancient pebble floats

Click Magic and Motion for a Random Penumbra HaikuThey are both there! Not a great photographer!

I am very grateful to live on an island off the west coast of Canada. I always try to take a bike ride after work and meditate along a section of shore to let the day go. Today, I was struck with what I saw – to my left, an ACTIVE volcano (
Koma Kulshan) and to the right, in the bright blue sky, the waxing moon rising in daylight! It took my breath away! Hence,
….. the resting dragon heart in a volcano …..
……. the ancient floating pebble in the sky ……
….. Those are the ‘Extremes‘ part of this haiku …..
… the magic and motion are left to your imagination …
….. And the resting dragon, her name is …….
Seraphina …..
… and there is even a lighthouse offshore too …

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Magic and Motion
Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion
Betwixt Magic and Motion


Tender 俳句

hearts echo lighthouse
moonbeams thrive after eclipse
starlight warms silk kiss

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Reminder 俳句

lighthouse prism pulses
stellar relics guide new muse
raw tidal passions

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Lightfall 俳句

legacy brilliance
resilient novae reborn
destiny’s vision

diamond solitudes
lifetime prismatic palettes
unearthly lanterns

breathless aurora
silent ovations throughout
humble muse curtsy

ageless sky cadence
celestial lighthouses thrum
aged lightning unleashed

Oh, so many beautiful, wondrous, exquisite and imaginative words ending with ‘-fall‘ ….. nightfall, snowfall, waterfall and dewfall amongst so many more. There SHOULD be a word ‘Lightfall‘, if only for ….. haiku …..

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Ado 俳句

novae engraves dark
ancient stellar pulse arrives
excitable rose

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Closer 俳句

tide ‘neath lighthouse torch
moonbeams coax satin shadows
heartbeats race echoes

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Change 俳句

morning fog rose dew
silken heartbeats promise truth
scarlet lips slow sigh

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Flow 俳句

clouds hover o’er rose
fog sweeps driftwood towards shore
crimson heartbeats blush

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Flame 俳句

driftwood aurora
borealis embers rise
frisky Eos beams

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Merge 俳句

fused words on canvas
haiku cloud casts clear shadows
shape shifting poem

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WordArt.com Logo

This is actually pretty cool, for me. Discovered an amazing site, WordArt, that will take words and turn them into .. ART. So I pasted my last five haiku poems, Achieve, Bouquet, Route, Fogbound and Offer and barely tweaking the settings, created the above art! Look for more in future haiku! Love the creativity of WordArt!