Race 俳句

echoes through dark mist
moonlit rose petals exhale
fragrant heartbeats sprint

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️


Whispering 俳句

dew ‘neath mist ‘neath fog
raindrops ease thunderous hearts
fragrant rose on silk

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Ahead 俳句

tranquil heartbeats stir
perished novae glow arrives
ancient light renewed

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Heavy 俳句

weight of lost novae
mirrors absorb hearts … shed light
fog misleads echoes

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Crumble 俳句

rose fragrance ‘neath storm
light drowns ‘midst weight of regret
diamonds ‘neath dry tears

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Perish 俳句

raw silent promise
mist crumbles aurora flares
midnight seethes dawn soars

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Wistful 俳句

rose sheds tears as dew
raw mist shrouds moonlit fragrance
melancholy barbs

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Saunter 俳句

swift novae slow light
fragrance surrounds scarlet rose
moonbeams stroll with hearts

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Supple 俳句

moonlight through diamonds
fog whispers nigh crimson rose
heartbeats assure muse

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Wondrous 俳句

mist on scarlet lips
moonlit echoes ‘neath satin
eclipse shares starlight

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