Ponder 俳句

pristine moonlit rose
youthful comets dwell ‘midst stars
patient muse decides

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Briefest 俳句

heart ….. then ….. beat ….. then ….. heart
fractions      of      infinity
beat ….. then ….. heart ….. then ….. beat

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Close 俳句

nearer than promised
not far away    heart from beat
further     than starlight

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Musing 俳句

moonlit driftwood waves
mirrored harmonies unite
polished starlight streams

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Enduring 俳句

elder light exhales
bright echoes ‘midst eventide
audience of hearts

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Dare 俳句

quanta ripples stir
quill urges infinite verse
soul quantum poet

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Sliver 俳句

pale shard lacking depth
each razor edged regret quelled
fractioned reflections

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Conjure 俳句

tears without regrets
midnight runes predict futures
bewitched heartbeats pulse

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Blind 俳句

where mist and time merge
dried teardrops trace crimson lips
hearts shielded from sun

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Stir 俳句

fermenting sunbeams
wondrous aurora ablaze
vivid canvas spins

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