Replace 俳句

muse soothes darkest nights
comets mend onyx canvas
dew heals rose petals

Click Healing Comets for a Random Penumbra Haiku🌹☄️ ____________ ☄️🌹
💗 Be Kind 🌎 Be Safe 💓 Be Calm 🌏 Be Patient 💗


Dab 俳句

morn dots rose petals
ancient light stipples heartbeats
muse connects the dots

Click Connecting the Dots for a Random Penumbra Haiku🌅❤️ _______ ❤️🌅
💗 Be Kind 🌎 Be Safe 💓 Be Calm 🌏 Be Patient 💗


Race 俳句

echoes through dark mist
moonlit rose petals exhale
fragrant heartbeats sprint

Click  Exhaling Rose Petals  for a Random Penumbra Haiku🌹❤️ _______________ ❤️🌹

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Tranquil 俳句

dawn ‘midst rose petals
novae ripple ‘tween midnights
heartbeats ‘neath moonlight

Click Rippling Novae for a Random Penumbra Haiku❤️_____________✨❤️

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Dims 俳句

blushing starlight fades
comets chase aurora’s veil
echoes ‘tween rose blooms

Click Blushing Starlight for Random Penumbra Haiku🌌✨___________________________✨🌌



Seeking 俳句

timeworn light nears rose
driftwood prowls untouched shoreline
moonlight bathes silk tide

Click Timeworn Light for Random Penumbra Haiku✨🌹_____________________🌹



Bask 俳句

satin ‘neath moonlight
aurora tends blushing rose
mirrored sighs echo

Click Aurora’s Rose for Random Penumbra Haiku🌹🌟__________________🌟🌹



Inspiration 俳句

moonbeams etch canvas
words persuade starlit petals
rose hewed gravity

Click Starlit Petals for Random Penumbra Haiku🌹🌕___________________🌕🌹



Scar 俳句

endangered starlight
moonbeams polish lost driftwood
rose tattoos dawn’s breath

Click Rose Tattoo for Random Penumbra Haiku🌑🌹__________________🌹🌕



Detail 俳句

last rose petal slips
echoes lash midnight eclipse
first sigh ‘neath satin

Click Midnight Eclipse for Random Penumbra Haiku🌑🌹__________________🌹🌕