Stuck 俳句

diamond blends starlight
echoes ‘tween nearing muses
heartbeats ‘neath roses

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Total 俳句

weight of past echoes
ancient light caresses rose
tincture of karma

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️


Speak 俳句

roses voice passions
whispers assure coy heartbeats
moonlit sighs echo

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️


Sense 俳句

rose donates fragrance
novae pursue audience
true hearts seek true beats

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Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy. Everyone.

Wistful 俳句

rose sheds tears as dew
raw mist shrouds moonlit fragrance
melancholy barbs

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Emerge 俳句

spectrum sheds diamond
rapid echoes ‘tween roses
heartbeats embrace fate

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Weathered 俳句

moonbeams polish fog
coy muse sighs ‘neath ancient light
rose confronts eclipse

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Jagged 俳句

barbed dagger cuts night
dew bound roses await muse
thunder cheers heartbeats

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Perhaps 俳句

crimson roses dream
starlight seeks creative muse
novae match heartbeats

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Similar 俳句

dusk grants sunlit lull
mirrored light kindred shadows
dawn shares moonlit hush

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