Inside 俳句

sighs ‘midst auroras
mirror between sun and moon

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Unsure 俳句

hesitant echoes
tidal stars engage shy muse
handfuls of stardust

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Fuse 俳句

heat lures raw heartbeats
candle hosts wick shared shadows
souls merge midst eclipse

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Restless 俳句

nomadic rainbows
inconstant infinity
capricious muse smiles

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Suspense 俳句

starlight tickles rose
foghorn wakes elder driftwood
sighing muse aroused

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Refuge 俳句

tidal hearts adrift
raw moonbeams shelter driftwood
confide in starlight

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Chase 俳句

shy hearts charm swift beats
entangled echoes align
bright waits nearest dark

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Unravel 俳句

forever curves sighs
coy infinity pauses
muse sheds final tear

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Bound 俳句

fog dreams of morn’s rose
chambered heartbeats echo tears
diamond baits starlight

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Overmorrow 俳句

cosmic weight dark time
muse awaits daydreaming hearts
patient virtues dawn

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