Writing 俳句

weathered charms ‘neath stars
comets scythe sharp edged moonbow
scribe etches fresh runes

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Darkest 俳句

stygian rose thorns
black comets scar inky night
charcoal tattoos burn

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Evermore 俳句

burden of shy chance
heartbeats await coy pauses
rose approves moonbeams

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Vanished 俳句

virgin starbeams sprint
night’s shroud strewn with rampant light
replaced with morn’s breath

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Sometimes 俳句

destined novae waltz
starlight gazes at heartbeats
infinity rests

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Inspire 俳句

raw driftwood loots tide
shyest dawn shares risqué dreams
muse whispers insight

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Agile 俳句

auroras cavort
gravity flirts with starlight
shyest moonbeams jive

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Waiting 俳句

scarlet rose first dew
foreshore welcomes aged driftwood
echoes ‘tween heartbeats

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Authentic 俳句

certainty ‘tween hearts
unspoken silence ‘midst tides
roses share moonbeams

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Trusting 俳句

dew caresses rose
moonlit heartbeats affirm sighs
unspoken words merge

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