Savvy 俳句

jury of raw hearts
roses offer not judgement
starlight, however …..

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Feint 俳句

comet bluffs sunrise
heartbeats pivot ‘midst eclipse
rose dodges lightning

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Worth 俳句

scarlet rose ‘neath stars
bygone light illumes heartbeats
patience aside time

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Awe 俳句

heartbeats form echoes
introverted rose bouquet
timeworn light arrives

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Mortal 俳句

light exhausts shadows
last summer rose endures frost
heartbeats trace stories

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Different 俳句

mist roils ‘neath raw fog
moonbeams nod to virgin dawn
canvas of heartbeats

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Somehow 俳句

silence tunes heartbeats
starlight needs not a compass
confident muse smiles

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