Insist 俳句

moon seduces tides
auroras captivate muse
time pairs hearts with beats

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Renew 俳句

novae seek compass
full moon ancient driftwood stirs
tidal heartbeats mend

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Clash 俳句

raw tide ‘neath starlight
bruised silence ‘tween ripe heartbeats
naked echoes fade

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❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

Footprint 俳句

tattooed sand canvas
cleansing whimsical high tide
driftwood audience

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Beguiling 俳句

tides synch ‘neath eclipse
raw moonbeams caress driftwood
muse seduces time

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Stir 俳句

fermenting sunbeams
wondrous aurora ablaze
vivid canvas spins

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Tidal 俳句

lifebloods ebb and flow
serene devotees applaud
moonlit passions surf

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