Sense 俳句

rose donates fragrance
novae pursue audience
true hearts seek true beats

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Despite 俳句

moonbeams share starlight
heartbeats echo inspired muse
satin adores silk

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With 俳句

‘tween silver and light
distant heartbeats twin shared rhythms
breaths ‘midst silent sighs

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Ask 俳句

bashful muse presumes
behind curious red lips
hushed wonderment roars

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Entice 俳句

aurora paints night
horizon lures driftwood muse
hearts seek equal beats

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Sighs 俳句

diamond woos starlight
fragrance caresses shy rose
gentle muse aglow

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Behind 俳句

eclipse prefers dusk
shadows forever chase stars
muse frees encased hearts

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Captivated 俳句

rose attracts lightning
silken heartbeats pound ‘neath stars
sighs echo karma

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Hesitate 俳句

shade ‘neath rose wavers
runes straddle aurora’s whims
midnight yearns for dawn

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Folding 俳句

light toys with prism charms
crisp origami heartbeats
interwreathed moonbeams

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