Guests 俳句

shy dawn greets high tide
beach hosts lost driftwood low tide
muse salutes full moon

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Peril 俳句

cosmic time dark weight
morning rose blooms ‘neath lightning
patient muse attends

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Far 俳句

morning dew ‘neath clouds
promises ‘midst thunderstorm
whispers ‘fore heartbeats

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Scar 俳句

endangered starlight
moonbeams polish lost driftwood
rose tattoos dawn’s breath

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Ritual 俳句

fog dreams ‘midst silence
morning dawn releases stars
misty sighs driftwood

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Evermore 俳句

burden of shy chance
heartbeats await coy pauses
rose approves moonbeams

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Vanished 俳句

virgin starbeams sprint
night’s shroud strewn with rampant light
replaced with morn’s breath

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