Invisible 俳句

misplaced ocean tide
moonlit pathways ‘midst eclipse
first echoed heartbeats

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8 thoughts on “Invisible 俳句

  1. Hey man…same old wordpress app malfunctioning story. Your blog was not opening at all when i clicked it. I emailed them and after a month they patched it.

    This one gets more and more beaufiful of a haiku as you read it several times. But i’m struggling at that 3rd line. Will you please give me a hint? Like always 😂😉

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    1. Hi! I hope your app is now working for WP. 🙏 Thanks for the question! Hmmm…. I hope my words work on many levels … perhaps the last line refers to that very first moment when hearts fall in love and echo infinitely & invisibly … perhaps because any kind of echo is truly invisible, the first being the MOST invisible … perhaps a lost loved one that sadly had fewer heartbeats than others makes their first heartbeat that much more important & invisible to most … perhaps all heartbeats echo invisibly but we have to remember them in other ways … and perhaps …. we only get one heartbeat and the rest are all but echoes of the first … perhaps … 🙏

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